You’re down to a month and a ½ before you move; soon your day will be near.  By now you should have already taken care of things or finish completing these tasks like hiring a moving company, like Father and Son Movers, or a vanline like North American movers if you are using a van lines, etc if you are planning on using a moving company.  You should have all of your travel arrangements made, hotel, air, pet transport, babysitters in line, auto transport reserved and your financial area in order.  You will notice some topics overlap so if you were not able to achieve them in the prior weeks, you have a reminder to get it done.

This is a good time to start your family in preparing for their goodbyes.  Have a party, open house, etc, the next few weeks are going to be stressful, so take this time to enjoy.


PACKING YOUR SELF:  If you are packing yourself, you should start gathering packing materials,  boxes, tape, newsprint, a good resource is calling a moving company to get these supplies, or a moving supply company as they will have the most appropriate boxes for your needs.

FINANCIAL COPIES:  Make sure you have copies of all your financial items together.

MEDICAL RECORDS:  Especially if you are traveling long distance, get your pet’s physicals and health records updated, most airlines will require this, or boarding places where you will keep your pets, if you are planning on using any of these, it is important to have a Certificate of Health for your pet.

WORK SCHEDULE:  Request times off from work, if your company is not relocating you, make sure you have enough days needed to do your move.

DMV:  Contact the Dept of Motor Vehicles to find out what licensing information you need to take care of and go get your license, license plates, registration information switched over for your new address.

POST OFFICE:  Change your address with your post office

SCHEDULE YOUR MOVE DATE:  Remember book a mover, and make a decision your movers are not, miracle movers and can’t do this without you scheduling a date, get all documents and contracts signed, or book your truck rental, or POD rental or truck space.

SELECT A NEW BANK:  If relocating to a new town or state, have a new financial institute in mind.

GIVE NOTICE TO APTS, LANDLORDS, ETC:  This is a good time to review your lease agreements you have, on what needs to be done if you are awaiting a security deposit, check with your buyers to see when they are moving in, if you need to be out of your house by a certain time, this will make things go smoothly on move day.

STORAGE:  If you will need storage, arrange for a storage unit if that is needed.

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