You can always get a professional mover to come to your house and give you an estimate or survey that tells you how many cubic feet of household goods you have.  There are also various moving calculators on the internet (if you go to our home page, and view the moving weight calculator , you can calculate total weight per furniture piece) that can give you the same information (to figure out cubic feet, divide the weight by seven).  However, if you want to get a general idea of what size self storage unit you need quickly, you can use these guidelines:

If you have a studio apartment with a list like the following:

Item———-–Cubic footage

Sleeper Sofa – 60 cubic feet

Dinette Table – 20 cubic feet

2 dinette chairs – 10 cubic feet

Chest/Ar moire – 30 cubic feet

Desk – 35 cubic feet

Office Arm chair – 10 cubic feet

Coffee Table – 10 cubic feet

2 End Tables – 10 cubic feet

TV –  5 cubic feet

TV Stand – 5 cubic feet

Bookcase – 20 cubic feet

20 Boxes – 60 cubic feet

Total Cubic Feet  – 275 cubic feet

5x10x8 storage unit will work for this size (it holds a maximum of 400 cubic feet).  Some self storage places will call this type of storage 5×10 storage space.

If you have a 1 bedroom or a small 2 bedroom apartment or condo:

With 3 to 4 rooms of furniture, possible some on-site storage, you’ll probably require a 10’x10’x8’tall unit (800 cubic feet maximum will fit into this storage space).  Larger 2 bedrooms with lots of contents can even bump up to a 10’x20’x8’tall unit (which fits 1600 cubic feet maximum).

If you have a 3 bedroom home or larger:

A 10’x20’x8’tall unit (holds a maximum of 1600 cubic feet of content) is probably the least you will need.  Your typical 3 bedroom house is around 1500-1600 cubic feet so a 10’x20’x8’ will be big enough (or extremely close).

If you have a 4 bedroom home:

This is usually 1800-2200 cubic feet, so a combination of units and sizes will be required, or a 10’x30’x8′ tall unit can be used.

As with any other project the larger and more complicated the job, the more likely you’ll need professional help.  A 3 bedroom home can be done by amateurs but a 4 bedroom home or larger is probably too much for anyone that’s not a professional mover.

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