Wedding and Prom Dress Storage


Two of the most memorable events in a woman’s life will be her prom night (which is all about the dress) and her wedding day (which is all about the dress). We see a trend here, but what do you do with those two dresses once the event is over?

Typically, most women will return the prom dress and most women will save the wedding dress, but for those who choose to save both (either for posterity or to pass on to their daughters), here are a few wedding and prom dress storage ideas.

When it comes to storing wedding and prom dresses, it should involve more than just placing it on a hangar and shoving it in a closet. If you want to preserve the dress for years to come, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure that it retains its original state.

The most important thing one should do before storing wedding and prom dresses is get it cleaned. Make sure to read the cleaning label on the inside of the dress.

Depending on the fabric, this may involve washing it in a washing machine or taking it to your nearest dry cleaners. The latter would be preferable as they know how to professionally treat most types of fabrics to remove any possible stains.

Stains can come from any number of sources; drinks, food, makeup and body oils from perspiration. If not treated immediately (usually the next day), these stains can permanently set in and destroy your dress.

If you are going to store your wedding or prom dress in a box, make sure the box is constructed of strong, acid-free cardboard. Don’t use plastic.  Plastic covers are usually sealed with a zipper, this does tend to let air and moisture in, trapping it –allowing for mold and mildew to grow. Plastic also does breakdown over time. When fumes from the breakdown process remain within the closed space, the
molecules tend to adhere to the fabric, causing damage and discoloration. Lastly, (if exposed for long periods of time to a light source) CLEAR plastic allows the fabric to become faded.

Be sure to line the inside of the box with white, acid-free tissue paper. Avoid colored paper as the color can transfer onto your dress over time. Then, starting at the hem (bottom), lay the dress in the box alternately adding tissue paper in layers as you fold the dress back and forth until it is completely covered.

Be sure to fill the arms (if necessary) with tissue paper as not to lose its structure. Cover the box and place it in a dark, cool, dry area. If you are going to hang your dress, use an acid-free cardboard dress shaper and white, acid-free tissue paper also.

Cover the dress shaper with tissue. Then, slip the dress on the covered dress shaper. After, fill the bodice and sleeves with more tissue. Hang the dress on a strong hangar, cover it in muslin (cotton) material and hang it in a dark, cool, dry area away from other garments as not to wrinkle the dress.

By following the aforementioned techniques, you will ensure the integrity of your wedding and/or prom dress for many years to come, bringing back memories of the past or creating new ones in the future.

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