Whether you own a moving company, manage a moving company, or work for a moving company, there are some things you can do to make your company more “green”.  Many of the following tips are not only environmentally friendly; they can provide a cost savings too.


 If possible use biodiesel or a biodiesel blend in your diesel trucks.  It lowers carbon emissions and comes from renewable sources (different types of processed vegetable oil).  To read more about it, visit for more information about biodiesel and characteristics, locations where you can purchase biodiesel, etc.


Paperless invoicing is a practice that can work well for a process like recurring storage and speed up receivables at the same time.  When someone comes into storage (the mover) can keep a credit card number on file and on the date storage is due, charge the credit card, and email a confirmation or paid invoice to the customer.  This not only gets you paid faster, you save paper for invoices, envelopes, postage and the labor to stuff the envelopes.


You can save a great deal of paper if you don’t print maps for every job, every day.  It may not be popular with drivers right off the bat, but by issuing them a map book or providing them with a GPS device the paper savings can be big.  Even if you check the GPS devices out (like a library book) or purchase them for the drivers and let them take the units home (and be responsible for them), it can not only save paper, but save the office labor involved in generating maps.  With the reduction in paper, you can purchase recycled paper (which may be a little more expensive) and be “green” without costing the company more.


On the trucks, instead of using tape to secure pads on furniture, use rubber bands.  Road drivers and owner operators often do this to save money, but since tape is a disposable, and not reusable product using rubber bands can reduce the amount of garbage you generate.  Even small movers use 3-5 36 roll cases per week, so it’s definitely is an opportunity area to be “greener” and save money.


The purchase of plastic office/household moving crates for use on moves instead of all corrugated boxes can be an environmentally friendly supplement to your typical corrugated box stock.


Call customers after you move them, to see if they would like you to pick up their used cartons they’d like to dispose of.  It’s good as a customer service follow up and you can provide used cartons at a discounted price for new customers (and reduce garbage).


Make sure you have a regular dumpster for regular garbage and a recyclable dumpster for paper, corrugated, and plastic stretch film, etc.   It’s an economical alternative to one large dumpster and dramatically reduces “land fill” type garbage.


Have a contest with all employees to come up with “go green ideas” with prizes and the top idea to be implemented by the company.  This approach can be not only “green” but a good team builder.

“Going Green” is a hot topic and important for all of us.  These tips can help your moving company be more environmentally friendly.


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