You don’t want to throw it out but there is no room in your house.  Luckily you can move it into storage, but there is so much stuff, and doing it by yourself will be quite a hassle.  Good thing you have friends, you just need to convince them to help.

1. Friends Do This Kind of Thing

They’re your friends and this is what friends do, help each other.

Come on!

2. Threaten to Tell on Them

From the time you were young the threat of being told on has always been terrifying.  Tell them if they don’t help you will tell their parents.

3. The Mob

Inform your friends that you have mob connections and if they don’t help then they may sleep with the fishes.

“What’s that?  Won’t help with storage?  Send Pauly”.

4. Celebrity Items

Tell them that the stuff they are moving once belonged to famous celebrities.  Everybody loves celebrities!

“This table belonged to Tom Hanks!”

5. Back Problems

Tell your friends you can’t do it because you hurt your back when you were down at the homeless shelter.  Make them feel like crap.

“I fed Ted Williams.”

6. Truth, Justice and Stuff

Tell your friends you are in facet a crime fighter and you must hit the streets to take down evil.  You have no time to move stuff into storage.

“Believe it or not I’m walking on air…”

7. Beg

It’s come to this.  Nothing else has worked.  Fall on your knees, raise your hands into the air and cry until you look so pathetic that they have to help.

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