Which Violations are Most Severe?

In the CSA 2010, the severity weighting tables previous list of 900 violations has been trimmed to 650 and is broken up into 6 different categories including unsafe driving, drugs/alcohol, fatigued driving, driver fitness, vehicle maintenance and cargo loading/securement.  Each violation carries a weight between 1 and 10, depending on severity, with 1 being the least and 10 being the most severe.  The severity of each violation will give the company its rank within its safety event group category.  The unsafe driving basic system (to determine the safety event group category) calculation is pretty simple and can be reviewed at Unsafe Driving Basic Calculation.  This will give you the category that your moving company will fall into. However, that’s not what we’re going to cover in this article.  We’re going to focus on what some of the most severe violations in each of the violating categories are so movers can give these areas the attention they deserve.

In the unsafe driving severity weighting table (SWT) the most severe violations (receiving a score of 10) are similar to the most severe violations to a CDL driver.  Reckless driving, speeding over 15 mph over the limit, speeding in a work/construction zone, and a newer violation, operating a commercial motor vehicle while texting.  The Drugs/Alcohol SWT category has violating an out of service order pursuant to 392.5 (a) (b) and driver uses or is in possession of drugs scoring 10 points.  The fatigued driving SWT has operating a CMV while ill/fatigued and driving after being declared out of service scoring a 10 but has many 7’s related to hours of service violations.  The driver fitness SWT has failing to comply with imminent hazard out of service order as its only 10 point violation but has plenty of “8”’s related to driver qualification, licensing and driver compliance.  The vehicle maintenance SWT has a large number of listed violations but only one “10″), operating an out of service vehicle. There are some “8”’s related to tires and “7”’s related to vehicle suspension, though. The sixth and final SWT, cargo/loading/securement also has a large number of total violations with “10”’s listed as release of HM (hazmat) from package, (non mover related) intermediate bulk container (IBC), not secured to or within vehicle, using a tool likely to cause damage to the closure of any package or container, failing to secure load, failing to secure cargo, failing to secure vehicle equipment, drivers view/movement is obstructed, 4 related to buses ( so not relevant to moving companies), and 96 other 10’s related to load securement (some related to moving companies, some not).

Because the severity of the violations affects the companies ranking within their safety event group category, it’s very important to emphasize the importance of compliance in the higher numbered violations (but not ignoring the others).   Moving companies should all visit the CSA 2010 website and familiarize themselves with all the regulations and we at www.emovingstorage.com, will continue to try and provide help as much as possible.  Publications and manuals can also be purchased from companies like JJ Keller.

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