The CSA 2010 has updated the original calculation of the unsafe driving basic and it is important for movers (and other trucking companies) to understand the new system.  To arrive at a company’s Unsafe Driving Basic, the company is rated on applicable violations it has received during inspections in the past 24 months.  Anything older than 24 months is considered too old and irrelevant.

First, the number of power units (PU’s) needs to be determined.  This can be retrieved by using the company’s number of power units and vehicle miles traveled on the MCS-150 census.  Originally, the CSA 2010 was going to use PU averages during 3 time periods but this is no longer the case.

The “utilization factor” is calculated in 3 steps.

  1. Determine whether your company is considered combo (70% or more of your power units are combination) or straight trucks (30 % or more of your power units are straight trucks.)

  2. Vehicle miles travelled (VMT) per PU.  Using the information from the MCS-150, divide the total miles into PU’s to get the average.

  3. Calculate your company’s utilization factor based on the following tables:


VMT PER AVERAGE PU                                                                                UTILIZATION FACTOR

< 80,000                                                                                                             1

80,000-160,000                                                                                            1+0.6 (vmt per PU-80,000)

160,000-200,000                                                                                               1.6

>200,000                                                                                                           1

no recent VMT info                                                                                           1


VMT PER AVERAGE PU                                                                      UTILIZATION FACTOR

<20,000                                                                                                           1

20,000-60,000                                                                                             VMT PER pu/20,000

60,000-200,000                                                                                                3

>200,000                                                                                                         1

no recent VTM information                                                                            1

Severity weights have been updated and violations have been trimmed from 900 to 650 violations.

The time weight of violations is as follows: 

Violations in the past 6 months are weighted at

Violaions in the past 6-12 months are 2

Violations in the past 12-24 months are 1

To get the time weighted score, take the severity score from the table of violations in the CSA 2010 and mulitply it by the time weight (either 3,2, or 1 depending on the violations page)

The basic formula has been reused to:

Basic Measure:  Total of time and severity weighted applicable violations/Average PU’s X Utilization factor.

For Example:

One violation with a severity of 10 within the last six months for a carrier with 2 trucks and a utilization of 1 would be:

ViolationWeight x  TimeWeight/Power Units X Utilization Factor=Total Score

10×3/2×1=15 score

The safety Event Group Category method has replace the original “Peer Group” method of categorization carriers are grouped combo or straight and then depending on the number of unsafe inspections (related to the Unsafe Driving Basic), the categories break out as follows:


 1                                                                             3-8

  2                                                                            9-21

  3                                                                            22-57

  4                                                                            58-149

  5                                                                            150 +


1                                                                            3-4

2                                                                            5-8

3                                                                            9-18

4                                                                           19-49

5                                                                            50+               

Within the category the carrier is ranked in a percentile 0-100 depending on the severity of the violations.  Any carrier with less then 3 violations is removed from the carrier list, carriers whose vilations are older than 12 months are also removed.

Hope this helps explain the Unsafe Driving Basic and it’s scoring.                                                                   


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