Top 10 Packing Tips-What Not To Pack

Whether you move yourself or use professional movers, there are a few different reasons why items are on this list.  From legal reasons, to safety, to liability, to convenience are all potential reasons but we’ll go point by point and tell you why you should keep these items with you or not pack them at all.

  1. 1.        Medications should be kept with you for safety. 
  2. 2.       Personal grooming items should be treated like medications and kept with you so you’ll be ready to face the day after your move.
  3. 3.       Jewelry and other valuables cannot be insured by movers without a specific “high value inventory” so they should be kept with you.
  4. 4.       Flammables and other hazardous materials (like charcoal lighter, ammunition, etc) should not be packed at all for safety reasons and movers are not licensed to haul such items.
  5. 5.       Checkbooks, wallets, ID’s, purses, and money should be kept with you because you will probably need them immediately or almost immediately and like other valuables are not insurable by moving companies
  6. 6.       Important documents like titles, deeds, birth certificates should be kept with out to protect against identity theft and the hassle of having to replace these documents if they are lost or stolen.
  7. 7.       Perishable food (from the fridge) or any container that the seal has been broken on should not be packed.  This will help avoid spillage and spoilage ruining your shipment.
  8. 8.       Remote controls to all electronics should be kept with you for convenience.  If you think losing a remote for an hour stinks, think about losing it for a week.
  9. 9.       Laptops, I Pads, or other computer items should be kept with you for your convenience.  You’ll want it to get up and running as soon as possible in your new home so you can Google local pizza places.
  10. 10.   The keys to your new place (garage door opener, etc) should be kept with you too.  You’d be amazed how many people pack these critical items in a box and have to search for them upon arriving at the new house.

This may seem like a lot of items to take with you but, believe me, it’s only a few boxes.  The aggravation and expense that can be avoided by following these packing tips on what not to pack are well worth the work of putting a few extra boxes in your vehicle.



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