What I have always told people about tipping your mover is that it is “customary” not “mandatory”.  This means, yes most people do it, but you don’t have to tip your movers, if you don’t want to.  By all means, if your moving crew does a good job, and hustles, give them a tip, they’ll appreciate it.

However, the moving company (whether a local moving company, or long distance moving company) does not benefit monetarily from the tip, so here are some things that tipping your movers doesn’t do.

  • It doesn’t mean that you are entitled to a discount, reduced hours and charges, free packing material or anything else that would cost the moving company money.  If you tip a moving crew, and feel that the moving company should compensate you for it, then, actually, you are inviting the moving company to tip their own guys.  That doesn’t make any sense.  By calling a moving company and requesting some compensation with the added comment “and I tipped your guys really well” you probably won’t help your cause any.
  • When tipping a moving crew, most companies do not want gratuities on a credit card or check.  There are processing fees and the company has to report the gratuity as revenue and pay taxes on it.  It’s one more accounting type hassle.
  • When it comes to filing a damage claim, remember that tipping and filing a claim are not related in the least.  Just because you tip the crew, it doesn’t mean the company will approve any and all damage claims, no questions asked.  If a crew caused a great deal of damage, why would you tip them well anyway?  Using a gratuity as leverage in a claim situation makes the claim appear fraudulent, even if it’s not.

In summary, tipping your movers is perfectly fine and as stated before, crews appreciate it.  Just remember what a tip is not and you’ll be able to maintain a good faith relationship with your moving company.

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  1. Linda says

    It doesn’t say how MUCH to tip. Is there a standard by which to go, a percentage on which to base a tip, like when you dine out? Thank you.

  2. says

    There is not a standard % like restaurants or bartenders, salons, my boss always tells customers if you are 100% satisfied with your move, 10% of the total bill split amongst the crew is fair. Do not be bullied to tip however, a gratuity is a gift. I hope this information helps!

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