Saving the environment should be something to consider when you are planning to pack and move.  Whether you are using a company mover, or moving yourself and trying to cut movers cost.  Here are some simple steps that will make you look like “Green Movers”.


When packing, it’s a good idea to consider using old blankets and pads for packing some of your items, and furniture, if you are not using a professional to do this for you.  This will save you money and is eco- friendly.  Using recyclable paper is a good idea like newspapaper, (also remember, try to use the newsprint without the ink, this can be purchased from a moving company) that way it does not get all over your items.


Try not to purchase boxes; you can get boxes from grocery stores, craigslist, friends, etc.  Try to reuse old ones if possible.  Try to stay away from materials like bubble wrap and Styrofoam as it is not recyclable.  Another option is to use plastic bins or containers that can be reused again.  There are also rental companies that you can get rentacrates from or tyga boxes, these can be used over and over again, and stack well for loading and carrying.


Instead of filling up the dumpsters with unnecessary waste, host a garage sale.  Your unneeded items may be used or of value by someone else.  You can also make some cash while you’re doing so.  Some cities do require a permit, so make sure you check with your village or city to see if one is necessary.


If you don’t have time to host a garage sale, another option would be to donate your items to charities, shelters, and the hungry.  Charities, Shelters, Churches will take furniture; clothing, perishable items (canned and boxed foods, frozen meats, etc).  This will save you on throwing away these items or having to waste food, and it is still helping those in need.


Do not throw away hazardous items in the dumpster like ammunition, propane, fuel, explosives, bleaches, etc.  Check with your city, they may have a disposal day where you can have them pick the hazardous items up, or may have procedures to follow when disposing of these types of items.


Don’t forget, don’t throw away your boxes when you are done, check with friends and family to see if they want them, some moving companies will even come and pick them up from you at no additional costs.

Remember don’t pollute and protect your environment.

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