The Ultimate Guide to a USPS Address Change

USPS Address Change

Undergoing a USPS change of address is not brain surgery, especially now that you can do it online, via There are actually several ways to update this information, which is very relevant for USPS mail forwarding purposes. In today’s post, we walk you through all the options and steps … [Read more...]

POOL TABLE MOVING TIPS: Doing it yourself, or using a professional pool table mover

Pool table movers should be specially trained when it comes to moving your expensive piece of furniture.

Written By:  Jason Bacues, Bacues Billiards When it comes to moving pool tables, whether you are using a professional pool table mover, or doing the move yourself, there are certain tips that can insure your move goes smoothly. The 4 Most Important Things to Remember When Moving a Pool Table … [Read more...]


New city, Understanding the difference between local moves, long distance moves, and international moves.

Written By: Dave Hauenstein, Vice President, Compliance Services & Government Affairs-AMSA  The professional moving industry is organized differently for different types of moves and it will help you to have a better move if you understand the differences.  First, there are important … [Read more...]