Although some of these topics seem obvious, you would be surprised by how many people do make these common mistakes, when they decide not to use movers and want to move themselves.

  1. Don’t Move your refrigerator or freezer full of items.
  2. Don’t tip your fridge or freezer on its side; it can damage the compressor, etc.
  3. Don’t move flammables, explosives, corrosives in the load.
  4. Don’t use lots of open topped containers like milk crates or laundry baskets, they can tip and make a mess and they don’t stack well at all.
  5. Don’t load the feet of an item directly on top of a finished piece, they will dent the finish.
  6. Don’t remove the drawers from dressers.
  7. Don’t leave shelves in anything like bookcases, armoires, take them out.
  8. Don’t pack hardware, screws, parts, etc in a box.  Tape them to the piece they go with (on the back or inside the drawers).
  9. Don’t lay a flat screen TV on its back (and if moving in cold weather, don’t plug it back in until its reacclimated to room temperature).
  10. Don’t move a washing machine, unless it is completely drained, doing a load of laundry the day of the move is a mistake.
  11. Don’t load thin legged tables on the bottom of the load as a base, they can’t handle the weight.
  12. Don’t load live plants in open pots loose in the load.  It’s a mess waiting to happen, it also isn’t good for the health of the plants.
  13. Don’t move gas powered machinery unless gas is drained out completely.
  14. Don’t load lighter fragile boxes anywhere but as the top of the load.
  15. Don’t run a strap across the width of the truck to support hanging clothes it doesn’t work very well.
  16. Don’t load artwork, glass table tops, marble tops, etc or any flats on their back, stand them up.
  17. Don’t move pressboard pieces fully assembled if you can avoid it, disassemble them as much as possible.
  18. Don’t load furniture against other furniture or truck walls without proper padding or buffer (pads, cardboard, paper pads, blankets).
  19. Don’t move fish tanks with water or fish in them.
  20. Don’t move any pets inside their cages within the load.
  21. Don’t drink alcohol during the move, it impairs judgment in loading and driving and increases the chance of damage and injury.


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