4 Reasons To Consider Renting A Self Storage Unit

renting a storage unit

If your home is cluttered and you are tripping over things or feel like a hoarder, it may be time to consider renting a storage unit.  Self storage units can be used for seasonal clothing, out of season decorations, out of season nick knacks, seasonal toys, bills, paperwork, etc.  You can also use … [Read more...]

Questions To Ask Before Renting A Self Storage Unit

renting a storage

Before you choose your self storage facility, here are some questions you should ask the storage facility manager before you choose the right one for you to make sure you are at ease to know your goods being stored are in good hand. Is there an alarm in the facility?  Is there 24 hour … [Read more...]


Keep your pictures in a dark, cool, dry place when putting them in a self storage facility.

If you decide you need to place your photographs in a self storage unit, you want to make sure that your storage facility has a dark, cool, and dry unit where your photos will be.  Climate controlled storage is key to preserve your photos.  Certain types of photos are more likely to deteriorate, so … [Read more...]


Calculate how much space you will need for your storage unit?

  When choosing a self storage unit, first you need to know how many cubic feet of furniture, boxes, etc you need to store and the cubic footage it consumes.  If you don’t know this go back to What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?  When trying to calculate your storage size needs, there are first … [Read more...]