9 Moving Myths-Know The Facts

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There are many myths out there about moving.  These will help identify some of the misconceptions out there, so your moving experience can be better planned, saving you time, and money in the long run. ALL CONTAINERS ARE THE SAME FOR MOVING: Moving boxes are specifically made for packing, … [Read more...]

Communication Takes the Stress Out of Moving While Apart

Moving Without Your Spouse to A new home is never easy.

  Communication is vital to any successful relationship, and it’s essential if you’re moving to a new home and one of the partners won’t be there when the move happens. Plan to start early and start earlier than you planned. The person who will direct the move alone will be under a lot of … [Read more...]

LOCAL MOVING QUOTES OVER THE PHONE: What you can (or should) expect.

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  In most states a “local move” or “intrastate move” is based on time so if you get your quote over the phone there is certain information that your local moving estimator should gather.  A visual “onsite” estimate is usually more accurate but for small moves like studio or one bedroom apartments … [Read more...]


It is important if you own or run a moving company to understand driver classifications.

  With compliance becoming a bigger issue (CSA 2010, etc) it’s important that moving companies are in line with driver regulations.  Here’s a general idea of classifications for moving company drivers. Moving Company Drivers That Require a Class D License: Single vehicle with a GVWR (Gross … [Read more...]


move delayed now what?

  A delay in your move can add to the stress of the relocation process, but delays are very common and do occur.  With today’s economy, there are certain circumstances that can occur that are out of your control.  If you are better prepared for them, you can make matters a little easier to cope … [Read more...]