HOW TO STORE SILVER-Silver Storage Tips

Many antique collectors know that silver is a notoriously finicky metal, and there are many different ways it can become tarnished or damaged. Storing silver is a tricky process, especially because there are so many different things to consider. One of the key aspects of keeping silver looking beautiful over long periods of time is knowing how to store silver correctly, and here we’ll go over some of the basic things you will need to know in order to keep your silver looking pristine for years to come.

One of the most important aspects of storing silver is to keep it from coming in direct contact with substances that can damage it. Many materials that one would not suspect can actually cause irreparable damage to silver, such as wool, newspaper, felt, and even chamois leather. These materials and others can not only cause tarnishing, but can even strip silver plating over time. This type of damage can be quite expensive to fix, and can significantly diminish the value of a piece. If you aren’t sure how to store silver, you should start by individually wrapping each piece with non-reactive materials, like acid-free tissue paper, clean cotton or linen, or polyester. Expensive or very rare pieces should be kept, if possible, in special bags that prevent tarnish.

A good antique collector who knows how to store silver properly will place the items in a container free of moisture and drastic temperature changes. These two factors are next to reactive materials in how often they cause damage to silver, and can destroy the value of a piece over time. Silver should also not be kept on unvarnished wood, which releases vapors that can damage silver. If you are displaying or storing silver on glass shelves, keep in mind that silver is relatively heavy, and the shelves will need to be able to support a fair amount of weight.

Learning the basics of how to store silver can help you keep your pieces looking beautiful for many years, and keeping the main factors such as reactivity, moisture, temperature, and weight in mind will ensure that your silver is not damaged by common problems. A properly stored piece of silver can maintain its luster for centuries, and many antiques exist from hundreds of years ago that look brand new, thanks to the fact that they have been stored and handled with care over time.

Hope these tips on how to store silver help keep your silver pieces in excellent condition.

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