Many people spend a great deal of time collecting porcelain dolls.  Some dolls may be of little monetary value, while others can be extremely valuable if kept in mint condition.  If you are not displaying your dolls, and need to store them, there are a number of tips that should be followed to keep your dolls in good condition and stop them from losing value.

Cleaning Porcelain Dolls

Before you store your porcelain dolls, you should make sure they are properly cleaned.  Note, if your dolls are kept in proper storage containers or display cases, you will not have to clean your dolls as often.  When picking a storage area, make sure to remove any dust or debris.  This can be done with a duster, air compressor (the type you might use on a keyboard), or even a blow dryer, on low setting.  Make sure if there are any smudges or marks, take a cotton ball, or q-tip with a mild soap, and gently rub it over the porcelain.  Make sure you avoid getting water or soap on any of the glue (that may be where the hair is attached to or even clothing to avoid from falling off).  Make sure not to use any chemicals that contain bleach, or peroxide, as this can damage the condition of the doll.  Make sure you porcelain doll is dry completely before storing.

Storing Porcelain Dolls

When it comes to storing your dolls, you want to make sure that you keep the collection out of direct sunlight or light.  UV rays, or improper lighting can cause the dolls to fade or turn yellow, the clothing to fade, or even the hair to discolor over time.  It’s a good idea to keep your porcelain dolls out of extreme heat or cold temperatures.  Too high of temperatures can cause vinyl to fade.  Good temperatures generally range between 50-80°.  Avoid areas where humidity might be too high as this can cause mold, mildew, or the dolls hair to fray or split.  Its a good idea to wrap your dolls with acid free paper to preserve your dolls before placing into storage.  You should use air tight, sealed, glass or plastic containers to store your dolls.  Never wrap the dolls with newspapers, and avoid the dolls having direct contact with wood, as the acid from the wood or cedar chips can damage the porcelain dolls.  If the porcelain doll has wool clothing, it’s a good idea to use moth crystals to avoid getting moths, make sure not to let the crystals touch the physical part of the doll, as the chemicals can also damage the doll.    When placing the dolls in storage, lay flat so the clothing does not get creased or wrinkles, as well as the hair.  Avoid areas like attics, basements, etc where temperatures are not controlled.  A good place would be an interior part of a house, closet, trunk, or climate controlled, humidity controlled storage area. 

Make sure to keep dolls out of the reach of children and animals.  If you follow these rules for storing porcelain dolls, your dolls will keep their value, and maintain their condition.

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