Storing Diamonds-Keeping Your Diamonds Brilliant


Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, pair of earrings,  or necklace, diamonds are a women’s best friend.  Regardless of how popular these items are, they are usually only worn on occasion verses everyday (unless  a wedding ring or wedding band).  Diamonds are the hardest known substance(crystallized carbon), and are very delicate.  If not stored properly, they can chip or crack if left in an unsafe environment.

To store your precious jewels for short or long-term storage, you should wrap each diamond piece in a lint free cloth (white cloth is best-to avoid dyes leaking through if near any moisture), and place preferably in its original container if you still have it.  The cloth will help keep the diamonds brilliant (along with dust free).   Most jewelry stores will supply you with a cloth bag to store your diamonds in, which is an acceptable form of storage.  Jewelry boxes can also be used, but you must be careful not to have too many pieces of jewelry with the diamonds as this can cause damage.  If you are storing diamond necklaces or bracelets, its best to hang them up verses bunching them as this can cause damage too.

For long-term diamond storage, it is best to use a safe deposit box or vault.  The dry conditions of the vault or safety box will keep your diamonds in good condition.  Again,  you want to make sure you wrap each diamond piece with a lint free cloth.  If the diamond however has other gems with it, make sure you keep them in a temperature controlled environment, as gems such as opals and emeralds are very sensitive to temperature and can get damaged.  It’s always a good idea to inspect your diamonds often and make sure they are intact.  You can use a moist cloth for cleaning. 

By following these storage tips for storing your diamonds, your precious jewels should remain intact and shine for a very long time.

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