Baseball cards can increase in value over time if they are kept in good condition.  Many people collect them for enjoyment purposes, while others collect them for financial reasons.  Proper baseball card storage can help your cards from losing value, the key is to keeping your cards in perfect condition, so if a player does become hot, you may own a treasure.

There are different options you can use for storing your baseball cards, but there are some general rules you should follow first.  Never touch cards on the surface, or set them down on flat surfaces.  Make sure to store your cards in a cool, dry dark, place.  Keep out of area of high humidities, as moisture or mold can damage your cards.  Also avoid long periods of sun light or bright lights as this can also affect the appearance and value of the card if there is too much exposure (causing fading). 

Now for different methods of baseball card storage, there are many different options you can choose from depending on what your purpose of storage is for:

Binder or Album Storage: 

This is similar to storing in photo albums.  The baseball cards are easy to view front and back.  The album comes with plastic pages with slots where the cards slide into, usually 9 per page.  Depending on the albums they are a more expensive way of storage, but your cards will be easy viewed with this method of baseball card storage.

Penny Sleeves:

This method of storage keeps baseball cards from rubbing against one another.  They are rigid plastic sheets that holds individual cards for protection.  They are usually sold in packs of 100 sleeves, hence the name; they are usually about a penny a piece.  It’s a good idea to sample them first before deciding which type of penny sleeve you want to choose.

Soft Sleeves: 

This is another inexpensive storage method for baseball cards, they are similar to penny sleeves but are not rigid, and you can easily slide your cards into these sleeves.  These are also usually sold in packs of 100 sleeves.

Top Loaders:

These are larger than soft sleeves.  They are made out of a semi rigid plastic.  Most people will put their cards in a soft sleeve, and then the soft sleeve into the top loader.  This method is good for short term storage of your baseball cards, but the downside is that the edges and corners can get caught, so it’s not recommended for long term storage.  Any corner damage can reduce the value of a card considerably.

Baseball Card Boxes: 

These are also called monster boxes.  They help keep baseball cards from moving around, (and damaging corners).  This method is not recommended for expensive baseball cars.  They do come in many sizes, some are designed to put top loaders in, or some are designed to put cards by themselves.

The last 2 methods are generally used for valuables, collector items, or more expensive baseball cards:

Screw/Snap Holders: 

These are sturdy hard cases used for valuable cards.  They are a 2 piece case that screws together once the card is in place.  The important thing is to make sure when you screw them together is that the card does not get pinched and you do not put too much pressure, as the card can stick to the holder.

Semi PVC Rigid Holder:

This method of baseball card storage allows for easy access.  These are highly recommended for shipping cards, many collectors will only take baseball cards that are in these holders.  Semi PVC Rigid Holders are the best protection against baseball card damage, and are definitely the most recommended for expensive cards; they are also the most expensive baseball card storage option.

This should give a variety of baseball card storage options for all types of baseball card collectors with different types of needs.

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