Wedding and Prom Dress Storage

wedding dress

  Two of the most memorable events in a woman’s life will be her prom night (which is all about the dress) and her wedding day (which is all about the dress). We see a trend here, but what do you do with those two dresses once the event is over? Typically, most women will return the prom … [Read more...]

Storing Diamonds-Keeping Your Diamonds Brilliant

diamonds are a womens best friend

  Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, pair of earrings,  or necklace, diamonds are a women’s best friend.  Regardless of how popular these items are, they are usually only worn on occasion verses everyday (unless  a wedding ring or wedding band).  Diamonds are the hardest known substance(crystallized … [Read more...]

Kitchen Cabinet Storage-Sensible Kitchen Storage Solutions

Organization in your kitchen saves you from much frustration

  Kitchen cabinets can be a major source of frustration if they are not properly organized, but on the other hand, a kitchen with sensible storage solutions can be a highly efficient machine. There are a number of different kitchen cabinet storage solutions that can make getting organized easier, … [Read more...]