Here are some different methods to use for storing your stamps to keep them in good condition.  If you’d like some general stamp handling tips read.  Tips For Storing Stamps.

Glassine Envelopes:  These come in many sizes, and are little envelopes used to store quantities of loose stamps that can be mounted into an album.  This method is best used for temporary use.  The glassine material however, can be easily bent so it is very important to keep the glassine envelopes in a proper manner to avoid bending your collection.

Stock Cards:  These cards have horizontal rows of slots in which stamps can be placed.  Newer models are made of black or white card stock with a slot of clear plastic so the stamps can be easily viewed.

Stock Books:  Stamps are stored in these books,  in a flat, fixed position in neat rows.  This allows the stamps to be moved around easily.  You should never put too many stamps in the books, as the pressure can cause the stamps to become adhesive.  Also, the books should always be stored in an upright manner.  This is the safest method and most common one used amongst stamp collectors.

 Storage Cover Boxes:  These have plenty of room to store stamps and stamp covers, and can remain closed up.  You should avoid putting in a place where the boxes will be moved around a lot, as the motion can easily cause the stamps and stamp covers to bend causing damage to your collection.  Cover boxes also should be made up of archival paper so the covers do not oxidize and stain.

Sleeves:  Sleeves come in a variety of styles.  One style that is covered are transparent sleeves. These are chemically neutral so the stamps or covers are not damaged.  The plastic is generally more firm making it harder to bend, helping keep the stamps and covers in better condition.  Another type of sleeve is a polybag sleeve used for temporary storage.  The benefit of these are that they protect your stamps from dust and handling.  However, they are easily able to be bent, (not giving the stamps much protection).

Printed and Blank Albums:  There are many types of printed albums, though they are not as popular as stock books.  You can store many stamps in these in a neat row, the higher card stock in these albums, the better quality of storage for your stamps.  Blank albums also follow the higher card stock in these, the better quality storage.  The difference between these albums is that the stamps can be stored in any order, and you can do your own write-up on the stamps.

Stamps Mounts:  This method is used to protect extremely expensive stamps.  Mounting is done in an album, and usually is a clear or black background which comes in different size strips for different heights of mounting.  Sizes can be cut to fit your needs of stamps and mount, and are licked and place into the albums; This is the most protective method for high valued stamps.

It is recommended that if you are storing on shelves or cabinets, that you utilize one with a door to avoid light, excessive temperatures, and fluctuating humidity.  Different methods of storage can be purchased through a stamp collector, or Philatelic store.

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