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When it comes to moving and you decide you do not want to use a professional mover, here are some safety tips you want to consider when it comes to moving yourself or with others assisting you on moving your household goods. Just remember when you opt out of using full service movers, and you decide to use friends and family, your items may not end up the way you would like them to be handled and this would be considered your discount movers when you do it yourself or have friends and families do it.  The following guide is some general rules to follow when you decide to move with friends and family to help ensure everyone will be safe and secure during the moving process.

SAFETY TIPS:                    

  • People come first before the items being moved, this is the # 1 rule to remember when it comes to safety.
  • Make sure everyone involved has proper footwear, no open toes, good footing, nothing that is slippery so they are able to keep their center of gravity.
  • Have a clear path from the house to the truck so nobody can slip and fall, trip, or stumble with anything in the way, like dollies, moving equipment, etc.
  • Use moving equipment like dollies, two wheelers, refrigerator dollies etc. especially when it comes to large heavy items.
  • If there is a ramp going from the truck make sure it is secure to the truck so when you are carrying items up and down the ramp it does not slip and fall.
  • When handling large items, have enough manpower so you are not straining to lift the items, or the piece is not mishandled and falls, this will help ensure that the piece is transported properly.
  • Make sure every one that is helping you out understands the same wording like move to the left, set down, stop, behind you, etc, to guide the furniture through certain areas.
  • Do not rush, take your time. Take occasional breaks when you get a chance.  This will help avoid everyone being exhausted during the middle of the process and will make it easier to get through the day.
  • Have a plan of what rooms to do first, that way you are making progress, and mix boxes with large pieces to anchor the pieces in the truck, and be able to utilize as much space as possible.
  • If the weather is bad make sure to take extra caution with having a good grasp on furniture and control in footing, in cases of ice and snow inside and outside and with getting in and out of the truck.
  • When wrapping items keep all glass together make sure you use blankets to wrap them.   If a piece breaks, make sure to get rid of the blanket/pad it was in and get it out of the way of everyone.
  • Make sure children and pets are kept out of harm’s way if they are left out and about; this could lead to your friends, family and also your children and pets getting injured.
  • Keep lots of fluids on hand, especially on hot days, making sure everyone has plenty to drink to avoid dehydration throughout the day.  Alcohol is never a good idea during the move.
  • Use good body mechanics when it comes to lifting using your hips and legs and keeping items close to your body when carrying larger items.
  • Know where your furniture is going ahead of time so you know where the piece is going to be placed and set up, as this will slow things down, and can cause injuries the more you have to handle the piece.
  • Keep a first aid kit on hand; you never know when you will need it.
  • Move your own valuables.
  • To safely transport your goods, remember proper packing is very important to ensure your items are delivered safely along with using moving blankets and moving pads to wrap your items.  This will help protect your pieces from getting scratched, dented, along making them easier to transport, load and be stacked.
  • Remember making sure all your boxes are closed and sealed and ready to go.  This will speed things up during the day.
  • When wrapping furniture, it should be wrapped from top to bottom, never using tape directly on the items but on the outside of the blankets or moving pads.
  • Never drag a piece of furniture across the floor even if it has moving blankets on it.
  • When it comes to wrapping glass pieces like china cabinets or other pieces like large screen TVs make sure to have cardboard material on hand and moving blankets can be used around the base and cardboard to keep it wrapped up, the cardboard will serve as a protector for the glass.

These are some of the basic moving tips to help you safely move your goods yourself when you’re not able to afford or decide not to use professional movers.  REMEMBER  safety for your friends and family is the most important thing when it comes to moving yourself. 

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    Moving is a crucial step in life. It’s really hard to go away from a place you’ve been living almost all of your life already. I admit it ‘coz I’ve been at that situation! These tips can actually help someone or a family move without hazards. I like them! Safety matters most anywhere in the world. :)

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