When placing your items into a storage unit or storage facility, you want to make sure you will be able to come back to your items in the condition you left them, and not have to worry that they are in a safe place.  Depending on what region you are in or what type of storage unit you are looking at, storage security options will vary.

Remember, no alarm system or security system is 100% secure, but there are different options your facility may offer, and certain things you can do to protect yourself.  For instance, it’s always a good idea to have an extra padlock or security lock on your actual unit. The facility’s security may be tight, but you want to make sure you goods are extra protected.

Security Options To Check Out:

  • Check to see if your storage facility is lighted.  A well lit storage unit is important, especially if you need access after hours or at night.
  • Check to see if your facility is a fenced in storage facility, or if there is a code needed to get into the gate of the facility.  Some outdoor facilities will have a security guard or guard dogs.
  • Check to see if there are surveillance cameras in the facility, and where they are located to make sure your storage space is secure, and that cameras are monitoring who is accessing the storage units.
  • Check to see if the storage unit is open 24 hours, or if there are certain open and close times.
  • Staff on Duty– Check to see if there is staff present at the time of accessing your storage unit.
  • Manager on Site-Some storage companies will have a manager running their storage facility, in case of any questions or problems.
  • Check to see, if an indoor storage facility if there is a burglar alarm.  Some facilities have door alarms, motion detectors, and even alarms on your individual storage unit door.

When It Comes To Deliveries:

  • Do trucks have easy access to facility in the storage facility? Is someone present or is the site unsecured and unmanned?  Will an attendant be there to accept deliveries or does someone need to be present on your behalf?  Are deliveries limited to certain times of the day, and can they go directly to the storage unit, or do they need to check in with an employee or management?

Remember, when it comes to having a secured storage space there are many security questions you can check into.  You need to determine the value of your goods to be stored, the accessibility you need, and the level of service required.  You can also check with the facility to see what different types of security options are available.

Like everything else in the storage arena, do plenty of research on secured self storage facilities to get the right fit!

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