POTATO STORAGE-How to Store Potatoes Correctly

Storing potatoes isn’t like storing household goods but there are some rules to follow to ensure proper potato storage.  Potatoes can be stored for months if you care for your potatoes properly.

First, make sure your potatoes are storage worthy by inspecting them for soft spots, sprouts, and green or black spots so you can remove them from the group.  You can either cut out the affected area and use the potato immediately or discard.  When storing potatoes; do not wash them first.  They can sprout, mold, and rot faster.   Once you have removed the “bad” potatoes from the storage lot you should follow these rules for storing potatoes.  Stored potatoes need ventilation so don’t store in airtight bags or bins.  Burlap bags or other ventilated vessels work best.

Potatoes should be stored in a cool (around 50°F), dark and not to dry (around 65°rh) of environment.  Don’t store uncooked potatoes in a refrigerator because it turns the starch to sugar causing them to become sweet and turn black when you cook them.  Most of us don’t have root cellars any more but basements usually work well for storing potatoes.

One way to help keep moisture away from your stored potatoes is to surround the potatoes with rice as it will absorb moisture and extend the potatoes storage life.  Inspect the stored potatoes once a week or so to remove any bad potatoes from the lot if you come across any bad potatoes from the lot.  If you come across any potatoes that have turned green all over, discard them as they have developed alkaloids and are toxic.  Don’t store potatoes with onions as both release gases that when combined expedite the rotting process for both.

If you get your potatoes from your own garden, look into peppermint or clove oil to retard sprouting.  If your potatoes are commercially grown they probably already have a chemical called chlorophram applied to achieve sprout inhibiting.

Hope these help you in storing your potatoes correctly.

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