If you decide not to do the local movers option for storage or the self storage option, another source to consider would be a portable storage company like Pods, Pack rat, Smartbox, etc.

This is another option for you where the company will bring a portable storage container to your home where you can have your items stored if your new home won’t be ready, you don’t have a new place to live, or traveling across country, etc, and the company will take away and store the container at one of their centers until you are ready to have your items back at your new location.  They will pick up and deliver the storage units to you, and most portable storage companies will let you keep the containers for up to 30 days depending on what company it is, or until you are done loading or unloading the storage units for pickup, and will come in and take the containers away.

The only thing you must decide is whether you want to use local movers to load your containers and unload your containers, or if you want to load and unload them yourself.

When it comes to portable storage units, some local movers will recommend using paper pads to wrap your items vs.moving blankets because it is more cost efficient, and works as well as using moving blankets.

Most portable storage companies will ship your items across country depending on the company that you decide to use.

So remember if you are opting out of using a self storage unit, and want the container delivered to your home, this is another option to consider.  A few sources you may want to consider would be companies like:

PODS (www.pods.com), 1-866-229-4120

UNITS (www.unitsstorage.com)  1-866-569-UNIT

SMARTBOX (www.smartboxusa.com) 1-87-SMARTBOX

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  1. lamarcus says

    I have tried all 3 of these companies and they each have their unique advantages. I would say units storage was the best priced, but one thats not on here is the portable storage company mobile mini, they refurbish shipping containers and add their high tech security doors so you get a cheap alternative thats pretty darn secure. probably my choice

  2. Susana says

    Another company that is not listed but great on so many levels is Haulaway Storage Containers I used their San Leandro Branch 800-835-2222 great service, great prices no crazy billing no hidden charges like a lot of those other companies

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