When transporting fragiles, vases, or sculptures either find the best movers possible with the most experience, or use these helpful tips to insure a safe trip.


VASES AND STATUES   Pack your vases with special care, a larger box is requiredStatues may require crating is shipping long distance

First, find a box that is 1/3 to ½ larger than the piece being packed.  Plenty of room on the sides is also critical for the safety of the piece.  Mark the box “Fragile” in large letters on 2 sides (not top or bottom) of the box.  If applicable, mark the box “this end up” if the piece warrants it.

Fill the bottom ¼ of the box with packing peanuts or wadded newsprint.  Then wrap the item with either bubble wrap or 3 ply paper pads cut to the correct size.  Remember if the piece is delicate and has thin handles or decorations do not wrap tightly as it will break the handles, etc.  Stand the item up in the box and fill with peanuts or newsprint all the way to the top.  Make sure the box is tight and has no rattle or movement when shaken.  If there is more than 1 item within the box, list the exact number of pieces in the box, and a description of each.  For instance, if a vase has a small top or lid it can be easily be missed and discarded with the packing materials if not identified properly.  A descriptive inventory on the box or a sheet of paper helps account for parts or accessories. 

FRAGILES:  (like figurines, etc)Lladros and fragiles require special handling when packing

If durable enough, follow the same rules as with vases and statues.  If they are smaller items, pack into a smaller box 6” to 10 “with other smalls making sure to give ample room between.  List the items within on the outside of the small box.  Take multiple small boxes and pack them in a larger carton marked fragile.  Use a packing peanut or newsprint base, packing peanuts or newsprint around and in between the smaller boxes and all the way to the top of the large carton.  This will give double protection for your pieces.  Remember to never wrap thin or delicate items tightly as they will fracture under the strain.

 With any type of vases, statues, or fragiles, if you have the original Styrofoam form fitting box, it is always the best option.  When purchasing such items, keep the box and store it, you will be happy in the future that you did. 

If the items in question are extremely valuable or delicate crating may be necessary.  Crating is the use of a made to order plywood container for shipping.  Long distance moves are another area where crating is a good idea.  This is definitely a time to contact a professional mover with experience in the field.

These tips should assist in making sure that your fragile items can be shipped from point A to point B without incident.

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