Most people need to find Boat or RV storage for a few different reasons:

  • Few people have a building or garage large enough to house their boat or RV and outdoor storage somewhere else on your property can be a mess (if in the grass) or awkward (if the boat or RV is in the way).
  • Many villages, associations, apartment complexes, condo buildings, etc  have restrictions against using your driveway for long term boat storage or long term RV storage.  Even if it is legally ok, for the sake of convenience, it’s a good idea to find a suitable storage facility to store your boat or RV.
  • Security for your boat or RV is considerably better at a specialized RV or Boat Storage facility because of security fences and quite often the use of security cameras and key pad entry access.

Just like storage for trucks and cars, storage for your boat or RV comes in different price points and different levels of services offered.

 Open air Boat and RV Storage:

 This is the cheapest option for storage and gives, the least protection from elements.  A cover for the boat or RV is recommended and service (or “winterizing” in cold climates) is very important to prevent damage to water lines, waste system etc.  Check your manufacturer for exact instructions but water lines should always be drained back,  flushed, and special antifreeze (not car antifreeze) added to protect the system.  As for covers, there are also different types of covers like vented covers that help circulate air flow, Tyvek covers that repel 100% of the suns UV rays, or covers that are zippered and form fit to your boat or RV.  Tire covers are also highly recommended to protect RV tires and boat trailer tires from the sun and dry rot.

Covered Outside Boat and RV Storage:

This is very similar to open air but has the added protection of a cover over the top.  This option is more expensive usually than open air, but less expensive than an indoor storage facility, and still requires a cover for protection.

Inside Boat and RV Storage:

This is the most expensive option, and provides the highest level of protection from the elements.  Some storage units can be 10-15 feet longer than your boat or RV, so additional equipment can be stored at the same location.  Some storage facilities even offer electrical plug-ins and sanitary stations for portable toilets. 

Remember, depending on your budget, regional climate, and storage requirements, the use of one of these types of boat and RV storage can be tailored to fit your needs.

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