There are various websites out there that are great resources for selling that old piece of furniture or finding that trinket from your youth.  These websites have a ton of traffic and serve a great purpose but they are not a viable option when finding a mover.  When scouring the internet to find “cheap movers”, you must remember that price point cannot be the only criteria in the search.  The first thing to do is check your states moving regulations on this site State Moving Regulations.  That way you can verify that quote you are getting is being calculated by the correct legal method.  Then make sure the mover or movers you are getting bids from are licensed to do the type of move you require; intrastate  or local moves(within a state) or interstate (across state lines).  Next verify your options for insurance, its cost, and the carrier’s liability.  Some bad things can happen if you choose an unlicensed, uninsured rogue mover.  If they damage your goods the chance of remedy is little or none.  Since these individuals always want “cash only” any potential dispute with the credit card company goes out the window.  If one of these movers injures himself or herself on your property without workers compensation insurance, the liability could shift to you if it’s your property.  Finally, if the rogue mover doesn’t respect the laws regarding licensing and insurance he probably doesn’t respect your rights either.  This means any dealing in good faith is questionable at best. 

So as tempting as it is to find an unlicensed uninsured mover on an internet “list”, the potential problems outweigh the cost savings.

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    The worst mistake anyone could make is to go with an unlicensed and uninsured mover. You may think that you are getting a cheap bargain, but in the end you’ll most likely pay in frustration, lost time and money, and you’ll still have to call someone else and pay money all over again.

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