The driver medical card has been seperate from the actual CDL license in the past, but in an effort to improve safety and stream line driver qualification status, the medical card will be phased out and combined with the CDL in January of 2012. 

In May of 2009 the NATA reviewed the new regulations regarding medical card qualifications for drivers and published an article explaining the new rules.  The timing of how the policy would be rolled out, how it would affect current drivers, and how their medical cards would be grandfathered was covered along with how motor carriers would be affected by changes to the MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) timing requirements.  Also covered was which types of drivers would be affected along with Q&A regarding some of the most asked questions.

The purpose of the project per the NATA is not just simplifying the current system but to insure that drivers have current medical clearance and are fit to be behind the wheel.  Projected statistics show an estimated reduction of vehicle crashes by 288 and a savings to the country of $43 millions dollars.

If you are interested in getting more information about the article and other topics like frequently asked questions about the new CDL rules click here “New Rules for Driver’s Medical Card & DQ Files.

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