The Ultimate Guide to a USPS Address Change

USPS Address Change

Undergoing a USPS change of address is not brain surgery, especially now that you can do it online, via There are actually several ways to update this information, which is very relevant for USPS mail forwarding purposes. In today’s post, we walk you through all the options and steps … [Read more...]

MOVING DAY: How to stretch before your move to avoid injury

hamstring stretching is critical to protect yourself from injury

Since moving is a physically taxing event, warming up and stretching are good ideas to help prevent injury.  We will cover some good rules of thumb to follow and tips on the timing of your “moving stretch” that can make you less sore when it’s all said and done. While many people stretch out when … [Read more...]


Its a good idea to get your grandfather clock service after moving your grandfather clock

  If you want to learn how to move a grandfather clock, follow these grandfather clock moving tips.  There are basically 2 areas to keep in mind when moving a grandfather clock:  the mechanical preparation and the cabinet move. Mechanical preparation: First, we’ll start with the mechanical … [Read more...]