MOVING DAY-Most Classic Moving Day Cartoons

Moving Companies, Movers, Moving trucks, etc have all been around for a very long time.  Almost all of us have moving stories, some tragic, some funny. Some of the most classic cartoons from the early to mid 1900’s have funny moving stories too.  Here are our some of our favorite moving cartoons,  you’ll be sure to get a laugh at some of these classics.

Mickey Mouse “The Moving Day”
This is one of my favorites of all times. Mickey and Donald battle the uncooperative furniture and angry sheriff on moving day.

Popeye Moving Aweigh
Popeye has some interesting moving techniques in this animated classic.

Popeye “A Haul In One”
Popeye and Bluto are hilarious movers trying to impress Olive.


Sesame Street “Moving Day Classic”
Sesame Street has an original spin on moving day and the havoc it can have on a childs’ emotions.

Mr. Bean and The Piano Movers
Mr. Bean gives his piano movers quite the workout in this moving day classic.

Betty Boop and Grampy
Betty Boop runs into some careless piano movers in this classic black and white.

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