Finally, your moving day is here, today is going to be a busy day for you.  All this planning and preparing for today, you think today is going to go by quickly, it will and there is going to be a lot of activity going on today.  Soon you will be in your new home and ready to start a new life again.


DROP KIDS OR PETS OFF:  Make sure they are out of the way as this can be dangerous for them to be around.

PACK PLANTS:  These are the only items that should be packed last along with your kids important items and your necessities.

RENTAL TRUCK or PORTABLE STORAGE UNITS:  If you are using a truck rental, pick up your truck, or sign paperwork for your Portable storage unit delivery.

MOVERS:  If you are using home movers, go through the paperwork with them, do a walkthrough of your home of what is going on, show items that are to be moved first, last, even if you are not using home movers and have people helping you show them the same things.  If you have expensive items go through the insurance with the company, and sign any documents that are required.  Make sure you are doing a complete walk through with your home movers at the origin, when they are done loading the truck, before they leave your destination, check all spaces, closets, attics, basements, drawers, etc to make sure everything is empty.  Make sure items are where you want them to be. At the end of the move you will even want to inspect the truck to make sure you have received everything.

TRUCK SPACE:  If you have rented truck space, make sure you have the appropriate amount of space that you had signed up for.

DOCUMENTS:  Make sure you have all of your documents with you, valuables, personal items, kids favorites in your car and ready to go with you for the night of your move in, as this could create problems especially if dealing with children to adjust to a new home or a pet.

LOCK ALL DOORS, SWITCHES, CHECK GAS LINES, ETC:  Make sure everything is safely secured.

DO A UTILITY METER READING AT YOUR OLD PLACE BEFORE LEAVING:  Take a picture, and write down meter readings in case you have a dispute with a bill.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR ITEMS ON HAND:  Know where these items are. (garage door opener, keys, remotes, important items you or the new tenants, or owner may need). 

CLOSINGS:  Attend your closing, if you need to leave, make sure someone is with the home movers (someone that you trust and is assigned to make decisions) if you are using a company or with the people loading your truck.  Make sure someone is to verify and check inventories whether it is for the loading or unloading of the truck.

KEEP YOUR PHONE ON YOU ALL DAY:  Leave your cell phone or phone on all day in case anyone needs to get a hold of you.

VERIFY YOUR MOVER KNOWS WHERE THEY ARE GOING:  Confirm directions, or if you have a quicker route for them, go through best options before you leave your origin.

DON’T FOGET DO YOUR WALK THROUGH:  This is important at origin, and destination, and inspect vehicles at the end of the move to confirm you have received everything and things are intact.

INSPECT ALL OF YOUR FURNITURE:  If there is any damage, this is a good time to discuss and point it out at the time of receipt if your items are not in the condition they were previous to your move.  Remember if you packed yourself and the box is intact and items inside of it are broken, chances are you did not PACK IT properly, and this will not be covered (consider PBO-packed by owner).

CONTACT THIRD PARTIES:  If you are done loading a portable storage unit or trailer that is to be delivered at a later time, call the company and let them know it is ready for pickup, and confirm delivery with them.

CASH ON HAND:  Have money on hand to pay your home movers, portable storage companies, truck space, or rentals, and some cash to tip your movers, friends, etc, as this is always appreciated.

GET A RECEIPT OR A COPY OF THE BILL OF LADING:  This serves as your receipt and sometime your shipment # is on here for long distance moves. 

ENJOY YOUR FIRST NIGHT IN YOUR NEW HOME:  Move day is over, enjoy your new home.

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