You are down to the wire, whether you are using home movers or doing it yourself, this is your final week to get everything done.


CONFIRM RESERVATIONS:  Whether its your travel plans, hotels, animal transport, housing, babysitters, home movers, packers, and truck rentals.  Make sure everything is in order and everyone is on the same page.

CONFIRM WITH UTILITIES: Make sure you have your dates for utilities to be disconnected and set up at your new location, like phone lines, gas, electric, cable at your origin and destination to make sure this is all in line.

CONFIRM WITH MOVING COMPANY:  If you have an extra stop(s) and are using a home mover, confirm with your moving company.

CONFIRM TIMES:  Whether its closing times, what time you can pickup up your keys to your new place, etc, make sure all your ducks are in a row.

PROVIDE CONTACT INFORMATION:  Make sure everyone has your appropriate contact information to family members, babysitters, moving companies, and anyone who may need to contact you during your move day.

MARK AND TAG:  Mark and tag all of your items you are taking with you, so your home movers know not to take it.

CONFIRM PAYMENT METHODS: with leasing companies, apt companies, closings, movers, portable storage units, etc, anyone you will be dealing with.

POOL TABLE COMPANIES:  Make sure your tables are taken apart, and crated by a specialty company.

HOT TUBS:  You should have the companies who installed that move that if you are taking the hot tub with you.

CLEAN APPLIANCES: Clean out your fridge, stove, freezer, etc.

FINAL CLEANING: Get your house in shape for the new tenants or hire a cleaning service, a lot of cleaning services will have a moving out cleaning house package for you if this is within your budget.


DO WALK THROUGH WITH PACKERS:  If you are using a company to do your packing, let them know what you want packed and what you don’t.  Do a walk through with them so you can point out what you want loaded on the truck last if you need access to it first, and that way they know everything you want done.

CONTAINERS READY:  If you are not using home movers, make sure all containers are sealed, packed and ready to go, as this can slow the moving process if you are not.

CONFIRM CONTACT INFORMATION:  If you are using friends, movers, etc confirm that everyone has all of the addresses, phone #’s, etc so they can get a hold of you.

NECESSITIES:  Pack a box of disposable items for your new house that you can have right away like paper plates, silverware, paper towels, plastic cups,  pillows, blankets, etc something you will have on hand if you need to eat, drink, and don’t know what box your dishes are in, and to avoid making a mess in your new home right away.

APPLIANCES:  Defrost fridge, freezer, make sure all electronics to be moved are unplugged, disconnected; it is a good idea for these items to be at room temperature before a move.  Make sure gas lines are capped off, etc, for appliances.

NEW CONTACT INFORMATION:  Let neighbors, landlords, new owners, etc have your contact information of your new address in case they need to forward any mail to you.

WALK THROUGH:  If you live in an apartment, have your building or the renter do a walkthrough of the house, townhouse, apt that way you are leaving it.

ORGANIZATION:  Have your items grouped by necessity.

PROPER REST:  Get a good night’s rest as tomorrow will be a busy day.

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