If your move is local transferring a car is simple, drive it yourself.  If your move is by DFW MOVERS to Maine, or Pacific Movers to the east coast, or E-MOVERS to the west coast, there are some choices to make depending on budget, available time, mechanical acumen and driving ability.

DRIVING THE VEHICLE YOURSELF:  You can still drive the vehicle yourself if you have the time, the vehicle is mechanically sound and it doesn’t interfere with your other moving responsibilities.  It’s a good idea to have your vehicle serviced ahead of time.

USING A HITCH OR A TOW DOLLY:  This can be rented from vehicle rental companies, usually one way and is an inexpensive way to ship a vehicle.  It is a single axle towed behind your vehicle that keeps the front wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground and the back wheels touching the ground.

USING A TOW TRAILER:  This is usually a double axle trailer that the vehicle is carried on that keeps all 4 wheels off the ground.  It is usually a little more expensive but causes less wear and tear on the towed vehicle.

USING A CAR CARRIER:  These carriers specialize in shipping vehicles cross country, usually in open air racked car carriers. Like with a household mover, check with friends, internet, referral sources, the BBB, and DOT (Department of Transportation) to find a reputable company.  Then you can tailor the service according to your budget and service needs.

USING A HOUSEHOLDS GOOD MOVER TO CARRY THE VEHICLE INSIDE A TRAILER WITH OTHER HOUSEHOLD GOODS:   This is the most expensive option but is the best protection even from weather.  The vehicle is carried inside the trailer with the rest of your household goods.

When making the final decision on how to transport your vehicle, look at budget, time constraints, condition of the vehicle (both vehicle towing and vehicle being towed).  This will enable you to make the right choice to fit your needs.

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