When moving a hot tub, there is some special planning you should do to ensure a safe transport.  If  you’re using home movers, make sure you show the moving company ahead of time, so they can come properly prepared, or refer you to a third party service company if necessary.

Some home movers may charge a bulky article charge to do this portion of your move which should be included in your quote ahead of time. When moving a hot tub, there are certain steps you should take before your hot tub is relocated.

The most important thing to remember is the equipment pack of the hot tub: which includes the plumbing, electrical, power ,  pump heater, and your filter, you may want to remove this per the manufacturer’s recommendation and pack it in a separate box. Some models will allow you to leave it on.

Next drain the hot tub, you can also call a hot tub dealer if you do not want to or do it yourself. Your home mover will not be responsible for this aspect of your move and there will be some remaining water left after you drain the hot out so you may want to use a wet vac to drain the rest of it. Remember depending on the temperature or weather outside of the place you are moving to, you want to make sure this is done properly and caution is taken.

Make sure your home mover knows any specifications, weight, how many people, lighting, electrical where it is going, whether over grass and mud, and if there will be a long carry, etc. This should be shown to the mover well in advance, and will all be included in your moving costs at the time of your delivery. It is a good idea to call a local hot a dealer or hot tub company that reinstalls hot tubs to reset it up for you, or another option would be to call the company that moved your hot tub originally like the hot tub dealer and have them move it, disassemble and reassemble themselves, this can lead to higher costs.

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