If you would like to become a household mover in the state of Kansas, you can visit the Kansas Corporation Commission, Transportation Division, and it will give you the application for the certificate of convenience and necessity (authority to transport household goods and/or passengers) and step by step instructions on how to properly complete the form.  You can call 785-271-3145 for questions related to the application along with the address of where to send it when it’s completed.

Like with many other states there are a list of fees, requirements like Articles of Incorporation and information related to the application process.  Areas like proof of insurance, attainment of a USDOT #, and the filing of tariff with the transportation division are covered as well as information regarding instructional seminars provided by the Kansas Corporation Commission.  The seminars are not only helpful with motor carrier regulations, they are mandatory for anyone applying for household authority in the state of Kansas.  To read the information and see the application its entirety read Instructions for Preparing an Application For Certificate of Intrastate Authority.

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    Hi guys well what can I say thank god i’m in good old blighty licences to be a removal man? whatever next I know we dont have the crime (scum bags) you guys have but please a good mover trades on his reputation not yellow pages budget well we do here anyway best bit of advise for you guys is if your neighbour moved with a firm and they were happy and the next neighbour moved with the same firm move with them not rocket science is it? And just for the record everyone has to start some where I started nearly 20 years ago with a beaten up old panel van now have over 4000sqft of containerised warehouse and self store thats what we do over here seems like a plan without trying to scare off the small decent firms any way enough of my ramblings remember refer refer refer not yellow pages you pays your money you takes your chance!

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