Move For Hunger-Moving Companies Helping With Our Nations Hunger Problem

Move for hunger is an amazing non-for profit organization that has paired up with over 155 moving companies in 37 states at this time.  They are assisting with fighting the nation’s problem of hunger.  This organization is working hard to support the efforts of local food banks, who provide food to those in need.

They have paired up with moving companies and transportation companies who collect food from customers who are relocating who may be throwing out food and will deliver the food to the local food banks.  The local food banks can then sort and distribute out the food to those in need.  As stated there are over 155 companies involved at this time.

Why not get involved and join the task?  Any customer you know that may be relocating, have them set aside their perishable or non perishable items that they no longer need.  Deliver the food to a local food bank of your choice, and you have helped save someone from not having a meal.   This is a very simple task to help get involved with helping our nations fight the growing problem of hunger.

For more information, contact 732-774-0521, or email!




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