A delay in your move can add to the stress of the relocation process, but delays are very common and do occur.  With today’s economy, there are certain circumstances that can occur that are out of your control.  If you are better prepared for them, you can make matters a little easier to cope with.

First, you should understand there are many factors that can occur that may cause your move to be postponed; we have covered some common things that happen to people on a daily basis.


  1.  Delays in a job promotion or transfer may cause you to postpone your move.
  2. Construction delays, these happen all the time, whether its contractor related, weather related, or village related.  This is very common; especially when building a new home or doing a renovation.
  3. Buyers back out for financial reasons, etc.  This will cause longer delays because you will be starting from step one, and having to go through the whole process again.
  4. Seller hasn’t met punch list by the time your home inspection occurs-this may cause a few days up to months to solve depending on how severe the item may be that needs to be resolved or repaired..
  5. Contingency issues, your buyer can’t go forward, because their buyer backed out etc (domino effect).
  6. Mortgage Lender, Attorney delays-this can occur with paperwork, if everything is not signed properly, misspellings, missing documents, something typed wrong, etc.  These can cause a delay in closings, which will have you postpone your move.

Whatever the situation may be if your move must be put on hold, here are some things to help you use your time wisely, along with things that need to be done to avoid any further complications.


  1.  Notify your landlord if you are renting.  Whether it’s seeing if you can have a month to month extension, or week to week extension, see how flexible the person you are renting from will be, and if they will work with you.
  2. Look at storage options, whether it’s with your moving company, portable storage company, or self storage company.  There are many options to choose from, figure out which one is best for you.  Checking out, can help you determine which option is best for you.
  3. Reschedule or cancel your move date with your moving company or truck rental company as soon as you know of the delays, the companies will appreciate as much notice as you can give them, so they can refill the slot.  This may motivate them to be more flexible to work with you in the future.
  4. If you have already cancelled insurance policies, contact your agent, and see whats covered and what you need to do to have continued coverage until things are resolved.
  5. Don’t go shopping for things for your new home, even if there are sales, this will cause you to have more to move.
  6. If you are relocating out of state or country, take advantage of the time you have left with your loved ones, friends, family that are close while you can.
  7. This is also a good time to help you purge more, and give you more time to get rid of items whether it’s hosting another garage sale, or selling your items on line like, or
  8. Packing and Organization.  Time you will definitely have more of.  Take more time to get everything in order; do not unpack everything, only the essentials.
  9. If you have not found new employment, take advantage of finding new opportunities and use the extra time as an extra bonus in your job search.
  10. Take advantage of getting to know the new neighborhood, it will make you feel less of a stranger when you get to your new home.

If you have to live in a temporary residence because you have to vacate your current home, make the best of it for yourself, family, children, and pets.  Try to keep routines as normal as possible, and stay calm to keep everyone else around you less uneasy. 

A delay could be positive.  Sometimes a delay can reveal problems like new home inspection problems that could potentially cost you-things like foundation problems, radon or mold can be issues that have to be dealt with.

Understand your rights and responsibilities in any contract whether buying or selling your home.  Have legal counsel review to see what happens in case of delays, earnest money, daily charges, charges for expenses are all things to understand.  Remember delays happen, but by remaining calm, and taking advantage of the extra time you have before your relocation, you can make things a little easier on yourself and your family.

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  1. says

    Great article with some very great advice. As a professional mover I would appreciate being given as much notice about a moves delay. It is hard to be able to schedule a new move day and time at the last minute. So do follow the advice and give as much time as possible. However, if you are delayed, then you must be flexible as well.

    Jae Burnham

  2. James Harrison says

    Its important to be in touch with the office movers hired for your business moves. You need to notify each and everyone concerned with the move aboutr the delay in the move or else it would be a great problem to handle everything.

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