SHOE STORAGE-Tips for Storing Shoes

Everyone has at least a few pairs of shoes, but some of us have more than just a few. For those of us who love our footwear, finding a way to store all of our shoes can be a big hassle, and failing to do so often ends up with shoes scattered across the house. Shoe storage is easier than you might think, however. All you need are the right tools for the job, and keeping shoes properly stowed away becomes a snap. Here, we’ll go over a few of the different solutions for storing shoes.

One of the most common ways people store shoes is with a rack. Shoe racks come in a number of different forms, although some popular options include the free standing rack, the door rack, and the hanging rack. A free standing rack will fit inside a closet, and can hold a fair number of pairs of shoes. Door racks can be attached to, say, the back of a closet door, and have rows of prongs from which shoes can be hung. Hanging shoe storage racks are hung like coat hangers from bars in closets, and are typically made up of small boxes for pairs of shoes.

There are many other different types of shoe storage devices, from wheels to pull out organizers, and finding the right type for you will help you keep your footwear nice and tidy. Not only does having shoes properly stored help keep them organized, but will also prevent shoes from becoming damaged or dirty. Shoes that are properly stored and, if necessary, fitted with interior shoe trees to maintain their shape, are much more resistant to damage and deformation than those left lying around. If you like your footwear free of scuffs, dust, and other damage, then having a way to store your shoes is a great place to start.

Shoe storage is easy with the right tools, and with so many different ways to store shoes at your disposal you will be sure to find something that works for you. Even if you are not a naturally organized person, taking the first step and getting an organizer or rack can help you keep your shoes in order. Everything from high heels to work boots can be kept in the right place with proper storage techniques, and a well-organized closet will provide much more space than a cluttered one.

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