Long Distance Moving – Learn About The Services And Service Quotes Of Long Distance Moving Companies When Planning A Move

Making A Long Distance Move?

Relocating your place of residency or business is a Herculean task. The chore of packing all of your belongings is already a taxing undertaking. If your new place is hundreds or thousands of miles away from your old home, the process of moving your personal belongings is even made more difficult and stressful. That is why, long distance moving requires that you prepare and plan ways to make the transfer more efficient, such as considering to hire long distance movers.

Long Distance Moving Tips

Study Your Move. To ensure a smoother process of relocation, it is crucial to carefully coordinate resources and familiarize yourself with the moving route, studying if bridges, overpasses and roads would be safe to pass through and can accommodate the cargo especially if you are hauling large items or items that entail difficult handling. You also have to determine the best transportation method to use in transferring your belongings, whether you would need a van or a couple of trucks, depending on the bulk of your possessions. Most likely, you would need to hire a moving company, so make sure to employ appropriately licensed and bonded movers, especially when relocating to another state.

Decide on Items To Take Along or Leave. Leave frozen foods and other perishables and hazardous substances, such as cleaning products, paint, antifreeze and oil, behind to prevent unnecessary stress brought about by foul smell and accidents. Leave behind anything that can endanger all your belongings in the van.  Make it a point to empty the tank of a gas grill before having it hauled.

Keep Hold of your Valuables. Never leave watches, jewelry, money, passbooks or important documents in dresser drawers or laying on top of furniture, nor pack them up.

Surveying Long Distance Moving Services

The services of long distance moving companies range from the most basic to the most intensive, from small moves to a massive relocation, to suit your needs and preferences. You can opt for the cheap alternative of a do-it-yourself move by simply renting a rental truck. However, if you want a hassle-free move, delegate all of the tasks to the moving company, by availing of moving labor to take care of moving your possessions out of your old home and into your new abode. You can also specify that the moving crew come up with a master plan on how to go about the move, pack your belongings at your old house and once hauled, unpack it at your new place. They can also help disassemble and assemble back furniture, appliances, and connection services. Another service of relocation companies is self storage for valuables that you do not need at the moment but are too precious to throw or sell.

A Special Long Distance Moving Service

Besides their basic moving services, some moving companies also offer services to specially handle delicate or special items, such as artwork, piano, boat, antique, motorcycles, pets, and many others. Movers specializing in handling these items have acquired through training and experience the know-how on the proper handling of the said items and the use of high-quality packing materials to assure owners that they are in good hands.

What To Look For In A long Distance Moving Company

Experience and Expertise. When considering to hire movers, the first thing you will most likely do is search the Internet or call a local moving company for a quote. Keep in mind, however, that the objective of your call must be to fish for more details about the company to establish its credibility, such as how long it has been in business, how many moves they have conducted the previous year, what equipment do they own and use, and what routes they include. Do not entrust your belongings to greenhorns, but opt for movers who have proven track record. You can ask friends, family and colleagues for referrals, check with the Better Business Bureau, or read up on online reviews about the specific company you are considering.

Licensed and Bonded. Makes sure that the company you hire is bonded and licensed to operate in the state or country that you are moving to, such as when relocating from New York to Montreal, Canada.

Cost Versus Value. Getting the cheapest quote and expecting a great service is wishful thinking. Be wary of quotes that seem too low, or you may be surprised with additional costs and charges along the way. On the other hand, also shy away from overpriced quotes. Your best bet is to get to know the standard rates so that you have an idea of what is too low or too high.

Putting Two Long Distance Moving Companies In The Spotlight

Twins Van Lines (Thetwinsmovingcompany.com) is a full service mover, based in New York, offering interstate long distance move, such as Maryland and Florida, and internationally to Canada. They cater to residential, corporate and business markets.

North American Van Lines offers three packing alternatives to its clients: self-pack, fragile-only packing, and full-service packing. Moving boxes, stretch-wrap, barrels and other moving supplies can be provided if you opt for self-pack. North American can also disassemble and assemble your furniture and appliances, and can unpack moving boxes once they reach their destination. Other services include, storage, debris removal, and assistance in installation and assembly.

How To Obtain Lower Long Distance Moving Quotes

While you do not plan on getting the cheapest moving service, for sure, you would want to find ways to help you get a lower quote.

Self-Pack. One sure-fire way to get a cheap quote is to go the DIY route. However, we all know that this is an enormous task to undertake. You do all the packing and hauling and just get a rental truck or van to drive to your new place.

Discard Unnecessary Stuff. Throwing away things that you do not need anymore helps to lighten the weight of your cargo, hence, translating to a lower quote. This will also make unpacking less stressful so that you do not have to deal with rubbish anymore.

Find The Perfect Timing. Some long distance movers charge a flat rate per hour. Hence, a good master plan can help reduce moving rates by promoting efficiency and wise time management when doing the move. By throwing away garbage (previous item), moving time is also reduced, hence reducing labor costs.

Avail of Special Movers If Necessary. Finding ways to save on the cost of relocating is a wise thing to do, but consider paying extra for moving delicate and valuable items, such as antique, piano and artwork. Otherwise, these items may end up damaged, costing you even more than the savings you get.

Get A Long Distance Moving Quote Personally From An Actual Representative

Do not rely so much on estimates that you get online or through a phone call. While this may initially help you get the financial picture, it would be best if the quote is made by a representative who had gone to your place and had actually seen all the things that you ought to haul. Meeting a representative in person is also another way for you to get a feel of the company as shown in his professionalism. If he passes your judgment, start building a business relationship so that you get good advice and to ensure a smooth move.

Long distance moving is a taxing undertaking to carry out, but thanks to long distance movers, the hassles of relocating can be minimized.

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    You should check with your movers association, which you can find on our regulations page. Also, check reviews, and the better business bureau can give you a good idea of how many complaints they have had in the past. Good luck, there are many good companies out there, if you do your proper searching, you will find the best one that fits your needs!

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