Become a Licensed Mover in Texas



When inquiring about how to become a licensed household mover in Texas, this step by step guide on the requirements that need to be fulfilled use:

Obtain a USDOT # – – No fee, but have a MC or Visa ready to ensure a digital signature is on file.

Register with TxDMV – Must have USDOT # already assigned. Call 888/368-4689, option 3, option 1 to get a certificate # and PIN #.

Go to website to create logon ID and password.

Choose “Motor Carrier Registration” Choose Online credentialing (MCCS)

To register with paper: download Form 1899 at:

Application Costs: $100 filing fee; $100 Liability Insurance Filing fee; $100 cargo Insurance filing fee; $10/$20 per truck.

Insurance – Filed by insurance company to the TxDDMV using your assigned TxDMV #
Workers Comp or Accidental Insurance Coverage.

File a maximum rate tariff with TxDMV (Join Southwest Movers to use a collective tariff already on file)

Print TxDMV certificate of registration.

Print out Insurance cab card (highlight applicable vehicle number and carry in the vehicle)

Advertising, including online, Carrier’s registration number and physical address; online add TxDMV toll free # 888/368-4689.


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