Knowing Your Options in Times of Financial Difficulty

Financial Hardship

days many homeowners are struggling with paying their mortgage or are facing financial difficulty on the verge of foreclosure. is a site built to help everyone in need.  This site can help you with where to go if you are facing financial difficulties before it is too late.  There are many scam artists out there trying to take advantage of those who are already victims of hardship.  If you receive any correspondence or information where someone is acting as a bank, the government, etc and is requiring a fee up front, most likely it is a Scam!

The site has information on options for staying in your home, leaving your home, mortgage help center, understanding credit scores, housing counselors available to meet with you, and much much more.  The site can help home owners with loan options owned by Fannie mae, and will even have their staff direct you. 

Military Hardship

For those involved with the military, active or inactive, in case of death or injury, you may be eligible for military forbearance.  Benefits can include lowering or deferring house payments up to 6 months, and options to stay in your home and not go into foreclosure.

Facebook and Twitter is the best site out there at this time to help those in financial hardship.  Check them out, and you can also find them on facebook, and twitter for convenience!

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