Working in the moving industry, there has been one question that comes up every day.  How much should I tip the movers?  Do they take gratuities?  Are they expecting me to tip them?

A mover is hired by a moving company and paid his wages by the moving company.  Most movers earn a decent living, especially if they have been in the industry for a long time, or are a driver, or crew leader.  There is no standardized percentage for tipping when it comes to the Moving & Storage, Industry.  It is different than bartending, waitressing, salon services, limo services (where 15-20 % is expected).

The movers work hard and it is not an easy job.  So by all means if you are satisfied with the job they have done for you, tip your mover.  Tipping isn’t mandatory, but it is customary, if a mover goes out of his/her way to provide you with excellent service, consider them a “special mover”, and give them a tip.  Courteous and Professional is also what should be looking for, you do not want some hard body mover, demanding a tip from you, nor should they be pressuring you to do so.  So if you consider them the “best west mover” or just excellent service you have received, the tip is a gift, they appreciate it. One thing you should know you should not have anyone demanding money from you, since you do have to pay for the work that is being done to the company.

The owner from a moving company in Illinois states, “10% of the total bill is a fair amount to split amongst the movers for a good job, 5% for an average job ”, we always tells our customers if you are completely satisfied, tip the guys.  If you are having more than one crew on a move, like one crew doing packing, one crew doing moving, you can tip them at the end of each day. If it is a 1 day job, tip them at the end of the move.  Other options would be to buy drinks, or lunch which is what some people choose to do.  Do remember it is your moving day, not a tea party.  Keep it simple, and thank your movers for a good job they have done at the end of the move.

They do appreciate it.

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