This article isn’t going to delve into the technical side of prepping a gun for short or long term storage, it’s going to cover some of the different options for gun storage and some basic gun storage safety tips.

The 4 major types of gun storage are gun racks, gun cases, gun cabinets and gun safes.  Each type of gun storage has different characteristics and price points.  We’ll cover each with an ascending level of safety and security.


Gun racks are mainly for display purposes and offer the least amount of security.  Some do have a feature to lock the weapons but wouldn’t be the choice to protect children from the guns or guns from a burglar.  Most of these are less than $75.00.  This application could be good for a serious sportsman and gun handler with the weapons stored in a secure locked room.  Not the best choice for a household with young children or teenagers.


Gun cases are small and portable for transporting or storing either handguns or rifles.  Most are locking and made of durable materials like aluminum or hard plastic.  The security challenge with cases is that a burglar could easily load up gun cases and work on unlocking them somewhere other than your residence.  Prices usually range from under $50.00 to over $200.00 depending on how secure the case is and how many guns its designed to store.


Gun cabinets are what most people think of when they think of gun storage.  A gun cabinet is usually wood (but can be made of metal) and is as much of a piece of furniture as it is a secure gun storage system.  Most have a locking door on the front of the cabinet, but also have glass in the door to display the guns.  This looks good but unfortunately makes the cabinet less secure.  Many gun cabinets are under $300.00 but depending on size and level of custom detail they can be hundreds more.  These also might not be a he best for a household with children or teenagers.


Gun Safes are the most widely accepted method of gun storage because they offer the most security by far.  They can be purchased fireproof (filled with concrete) and/or water proof and like any other safe are very heavy (up to 800lbs) with a steel doors and locking systems (combination or electronic key pad).  They can be purchased to hold many guns (36 or more) and often have adjustable internal shelves for handgun cases, ammo, cleaning supplies, or other gun related equipment.  With this level of security though, comes a price tag. Gun safes can cost up around $2000.00 and can be a challenge to move and set if going up or down any stairs.  This is the best level of security to keep out of kids and burglars. 

Hopefully one of these gun storage options has the right application for you, just look at your security needs (kids etc, budget and space to be dedicated for your gun storage) and choose the best fit.

When it comes to safety tips there are 3 that really stick out as the most important when it comes to safety. 

Don’t leave guns around the house like in a night stand, under a mattress, in a desk, etc.  This is an accident waiting to happen. 

Don’t store ammunition in the same place that you store your guns.  Make sure both are separate and both and locked.

If you choose to store your gun with a full magazine of ammunition, do not store it with a round in the chamber. This can help avoid accidents as well.

Like with everything else, use caution, and do research when making a gun storage choice.

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