Whether you are looking for simple movers, good movers, or elite movers, an estimate is an important part of the local moving process.  Once you have established a list of 3 or 4 movers you would like to use.  The next step is to get an onsite estimate.  In most states local movers are required to provide a free written estimate of the cost of your move.  Remember an estimate is not binding, but it’s the best guess the mover can give with the information provided, like whether or not packing is needed, which items are being moved, if you are going to require assistance with disassembly, reassembly (like beds, dressers, large wall units, etc)etc.  Unless you are moving a very small shipment, an onsite estimate is preferable for accuracy.  Once you get a few estimates, you can sit down and compare apples to apples and choose the company that best fits your needs.

Having multiple estimates helps verify the validity of shipment size.  For example, if 3 movers estimate an 8 hour move, but the 4th mover estimates a 4 hour move with the same amount of men, be wary!  Your actual charges will be based on the movers’ tariff, so it’s a good idea to inspect that part of the moving company.  When someone comes to estimate your home or office, make sure they see everything you want to move including:  attics, basements, crawlspaces, garages, sheds, outside items, and even contents of shelves, cabinets, etc.  Once a walk through is complete, get the estimate in writing including the type of service, tariff charges, number of men, vehicles, movers liability options (valuation or insurance options) types of payment accepted and required and have the mover sign.

This step is complete!  Now it’s time to find the mover you are most comfortable with and book your move date.

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