When you move, you can pack and bring some food with you (depending on the length of the move and what the food actually is).  Here are some tips for packing food and ideas of what to keep and what to discard.

If you are doing a local move and it’s to be completed in the same day, you can take a lot more items with you (even frozen or refrigerated items).  Utilize coolers for refrigerated and frozen items and cover them with ice and they’ll travel fine.  Ideally, if your new residence has the appliances already in it (and turned on) you can put refrigerated and frozen items in coolers, take them in your car and set them up in their rightful place as soon as you can get to your new place. If you are doing an overnight move or long-distance move, frozen items are probably out and refrigerated items are only as good as your ice supply.

When it comes to canned goods, they can be packed in small to medium boxes and are fine for local moves, long distance moves, or for storage as long as temperatures do not get too extreme.  Spices in sealed rigid plastic containers are fine, bags of spices (like a plastic bag of brown sugar) would only work on a local move as a long distance move or storage situation could potentially invite insects or vermin to infest your shipment.  Perishable items like fruit, vegetables or breads in bags, etc are ok for same day local moves too, but anything longer will again invite infestation or lead to spoilage or mold.

Dry goods in sealed foil pouches like rice or potatoes are ok in all applications but any grains in cardboard boxes or bags shouldn’t be shipped long distance or put into storage.  Any questionable item can, however, be sealed in rigid plastic bins to help protect it from harm.  Like cans, tightly sealed jars or bottles are ok to pack as long as boxes are packed tight to avoid rattle.  Any jar, etc that has had the seal broken already is probably better to get rid of so the top doesn’t work its way loose and leak.  Any counter top storage units for flour, sugar, pasta, etc should be emptied because their tops are not secure enough (in most cases).

Remember, before any move it’s a good idea to wean down food as much as possible in the weeks prior to reduce packing and moving time.  This will make your food packing much easier.

As with any packing, use common sense, pack your boxes tightly to the top, don’t mix fragile with heavy items, and don’t leave open-topped containers.   These food packing tips should assist you with getting your edibles to your destination.

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