New mover lists can give you plenty of choices to find movers, whether you need a household goods mover or antique movers. One area of moving that is important is floor protection. Depending on your budget, movers will and should bring floor protection depending on what type of floors you have, and there are many different ways to protect it.

Carpet is the most common type of floor, so covering and protection from dirt and stains is important. Movers can use “rug runners” which are usually cloth or can be like a thin indoor outdoor carpet and can act as a runway into a room or down a hallway. Rugs with runners are okay but in wet conditions can soak through and possibly stain. Another option is a thin plastic floor protector usually 36 inches wide and comes in rolls. It is tacky on one side and stays put whether used on a floor or especially up carpeted stairs.

Hardwood floors need just as much care but but stains are not the issue, scratches, Dents, and dings are. Thick rolled construction paper called rosin paper is a popular option. It’s is usually 36 inches wide like plastic floor covering and is taped to the floor using masking tape. Because of its stiffer nature, stairs are not the easiest place to use the product, but flat floors are a better place to put it. A foyer is often a good place for larger sheets of cardboard, a moving pad or 2 or a few sheets of rosin paper to create a stopping point or staging area.

Tile or vinyl floors don’t really need any special protection but a strip of rosin paper doesn’t hurt.

Marble floors can be protected with rug runners, rosin paper, or to be extra careful Masonite can be used. Masonite is a thin pressboard material 1/8” or ¼” thick and comes in a 4’ x 8’ sheet like plywood. It can be laid directly on a floor or on top of a layer of rosin paper.

Whatever the floor protection, vigilance by the mover is just as important. The mover being cautious of avoiding muddy, gravelly spots can be just as big as anything that might be put down on a floor. Checking shoes on a regular basis also acts as a deterrent or having shoe covers can be helpful also.

Ask your mover what their policy is to protect the flooring prior to them doing your move, and let them know your access at origin and destination and figure what the associated cost could be. This can keep everybody happy with no floor stains or damaged.

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  1. Sue Linn says

    Our family is moving quite often and we can´t imagine it without some kind of floor protection. Earlier we used some old newspapers (to save money) but there were allways some problems. We ordered this wood floor protection and we couldn´t done it better! It costs some money but it will pay in the end because you spare your time.

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