If you’re movers quotes are not guaranteed on a weight/distance shipment, there are ways that the shipments weight can be falsified and exaggerated to inflate the cost.

  1.  The driver can get an empty weight with a smaller lighter tractor than the tractor used for the heavy weight.
  2. The driver can get an empty weight with empty fuel tanks and a heavy weight with a full fuel tank, this can potentially add up to 1500 lbs to the shipment if his truck has twin 150 gallon fuel tanks (diesel is 5lbs per gallon).
  3. The driver can put something on the back of the trailer for extra weight, 5-6 people, a skid of heavy materials like newsprint; even one instance a driver put a jeep wrangler on the trailer to get the heavy weight.  All of these cases do the same thing to inflate the weight of the shipment and the cost to the customer.
  4. Some driver can even get small weight ticket machines or metal imprints to manufacture bogus weight tickets from fictional scales.

To avoid these potential problems, watch the truck weight at a Certified Scale before and after loading.  It’s an extra stop but it confirms that he shipments weight is accurate and the charges are fair.  By no way is this painting a picture that all movers are trying to cheat the public, they’re not, but this can protect you against the few bad apples that operate dishonestly.

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