When storing documents and other media, there are a few different options available.  For most people’s needs a few tips and a small self storage locker do the trick but there are other services available.


For a home based business, certain companies can provide data back up to an offsite server.  Files are encrypted for security and can be accessed quickly and easily.  For residential data backup a password protected CD or DVD is a good way to preserve needed data.


Some moving companies specialize in storing, delivery and pickup, and managing documents.  It’s more of a costly option and not necessary for the average home owner.


This is the most common method people use to storage important documents, medical records, tax information etc.  Follow these tips for the best results.


 Pack documents in smaller boxes like book boxes or office moving totes.  Paper is dense and the boxes will get heavy fast.  Making the boxes smaller also makes it easier to be more specific with the description of the contents on the outside of the box.  Some people like to use rigid plastic containers for the waterproof factor.  Whatever containers you use mark all boxes on the same end in the top right corner for ease of identification.  Permanent markers and stickers work well to I.D.


When storing, many people (and businesses) like to use steel racking or shelving for ease of viewing and retrieval.  The rule of thumb is to store the oldest or least needed items at the bottom and/or in the back.  If you’re not using racking, use pallets or some other method to get the boxes off the ground.  Try not to stack too high as this will make retrieval more difficult.


Make multiple copies of stored documents and keep them in a different location.  Any documents that must be originals should be kept in a locked fireproof file or fireproof safe.  When packing CD’s or DVD’s, or video tapes, use ant-static packaging to preserve the date.  Climate controlled storage is preferable to avoid extreme heat and humidity changes.

Following these tips can make storing you information more orderly and easier to maintain.

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