When trying to look for a storage unit, here is a description of the different types of storage options for you along with the pros and cons of each.

movers warehouse


Moving Companies generally store in their own facilities that are climate controlled and have security systems.  This option is for people who aren’t as concerned about cost as they are about having a professional job done.  People who have large or fine furniture, need packing services or those who aren’t physically capable or willing to spend the time to handle the job are usually the type who will contract and use a mover’s storage.


  • CONVENIENCE, ONE STOP SHOP:  The mover can come pick up the items to be stored, issue an inventory of the items to go to storage (and their condition) and provide all necessary furniture protection.


  • COST:  This is the most expensive option
  • ACCESS:  Most movers can’t let you waltz in whenever you like and go through your items as they are stored in stacked wooden vaults (usually 7’x7’x5’) or in steel racks.  Usually an appointment is needed and additional charges are incurred.

storage unit


Self storage companies generally have different size rooms with variable options like climate control, or outside units to fit the customers’ needs.


  • ACCESS AND SETUP:  Many facilities can be entered earlier and later than a typical moving company.  Since you are purchasing a room or area, you can place the items in the storage area however you would like.  If you want an isle down the middle you can set it up that way.
  • FLEXIBILITY:  In both size of storage area proximity to your residence, whether you need climate control, whether you want storage inside a facility or a “garage door” ground level access, there are different ways to fit your needs and budget.


  • TRUCK REQUIREMENTS:  You still have to get a truck and move the items to the storage facility or contract a moving company to handle the transfer.  Either way it’s more work or an additional scheduling step.
  • FREQUENT ACCESS:  This option is best for people who want frequent access to their goods, and can come and go as they please.




These are dropped off at your location for loading and unloading.  They can be wooden vaults, trailers, or 12’to 16’ pod like containers carried on a flat bed vehicle and placed in a drive way or loading zone.


  • NO TRUCK NECESSARY:  Whether a rental or from a moving company.  The storage comes to you.
  • DO IT YOURSELF:  This method is popular to do it yourselfers who don’t need frequent access.


  • CONDITION AND EFFICIENCY:  If you don’t have proper furniture protection or the expertise to load properly, damages can occur or just an inefficient use of the mobile storage container.  Because of this, you may still need to contract a mover to load the storage container for you.
  • ACCESS:  Like a moving company, access to get into the mobile storage container is only when you contract them for redelivery.



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