Who's on the other end of your computer?

This article caught my attention, because a family member went through the same situation last year with his company.  His bank account was drained by cyber criminals, causing the grueling process of getting federal investigators involved, and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The way they scammed,  was they obtained access to the member’s bank account, and made an ACH wire transfer to a middle man or holding account and then transferred the funds by western union overseas, and the money was untraceable. Who would have thought this would happen to us?!  Well guess what, you never know when or where they are going to strike!  Whether you own a moving company, another business, or even have a bank account, this story applies to you.

Cyber crime is growing at an alarming rate and stories like  Click Here To Destroy Your Business highlights one small business owner’s story of how cyber criminals took $100,000 out of his business bank account (of which he only recovered half).  Besides the businessman’s story, it gives tips on how to safeguard your business and questions to ask your banker like do you offer any authentication devices or security questions?  Do you encourage password resets and if so how frequently?  Does your system allow multiple users with different rights and privileges?  Is there a system of checks and balances in place for ACH or wire transfers?

It lists some keys to cyber safety like protect your passwords, scrutinize messages and delete suspicious looking emails, update antivirus software, know who’s responsible for a security breach and browse carefully (social networking sites can be popular place for malware attacks).

Most people probably feel that having their computer keep a default password and other loose practices isn’t a big deal because cyber crime is something that happens to other people.  Well trust me, like I said this did occur in my family and it can happen to you.  Preparing yourself and being vigilant is the best thing you can do.

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